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Designer FAQ

How do I upload my products:

Please follow the below link:

How many product can I upload:

You can upload as many as you would like, the more you have products the higher the chances of sale.

How do I put a specific item or collection on sales:

You can provide the item list and the new prices that you would like to discount to

Can I create a promo code:

Yes you can, a promo code can be for discount % or a discount value, please connect with

What do I do if I have different brands:

You have the option of posting all the items under one profile and we can provide you different stores by brand, or you can create different accounts for each brand.

How do I get my own online store:

Go to your profile, click on the link “Enter My Store”. The address link will be your online store that you can share on your instagram  and facebook to direct customers to it.

Can I sell based on pre-order or custom made:

Yes. It has to be clearly mentioned in the description of the item and the time frame of delivery. Please add three days for delivery on top of the production time.

What happens if an item is sold and was not available in stock:

If the item can be restocked within 7 days, we will contact the customer and inform him that the item can be delivered within 10 days. The customer will also have the right for a full refund.

If a customer requires a return:

Based on our return policy the customer has the right to return after seven days of receipt.

When will the designer gets paid:

The designer will get paid within seven days of the expiry of the refund policy for the order.

Who takes care of the delivery:

Once an order is in place, you will be contacted by the logistics team for the arrangement.

Do I use my own packaging:

For local order you can use your own packing, for international order we use the shipping company packaging.

Do you provide branding consultancy:

Yes, we provide branding consultancy, marketing strategies and handling, packaging solution.

How do I promote my store:

You can promote your store based on your budget, connect with for the arrangement.

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