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Designer Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  1. The Designer who designs and or produces clothes, apparels, wearable accessories produce goods using his own designs and delegates the rights, to Freesigners, to promote, advertise, sell, and deliver these goods by all online and offline means.
  2. Freesigners will be charging the Designer a 30% commission on Net Sales made through Freesigners Sales Channel. (Net Sales is defined as (Sales – Discount) X Quantity Sold)
  3. Freesigners will be handling the delivery and their related charges from the Designer up to the customer (end-user).
  4. Freesigners will handle collections from the customers (end-user) and their related charges on behalf of the Designer.
  5. The Designer acknowledges that the products he is producing are genuinely designed by him/her self with all parameters regarding designs, cuts, and other details related to fashion. Any infringement of copyrights will be held solely against the designer.
  6. The Designer must ensure that a minimum of 1 quantity of each item displayed by him/her on the website is available at all time.
  7. All displayed items with related aspects to images, prices, and descriptions will be checked by the Freesigners.
  8. Freesigners has the option to modify the picture in order to fit it with the website (size, colors, quality, etc..).
  9. The Designer allows Freesigners to use the digital aspect of the displayed items (Name, brand, Press Releases, etc…).
  10. Freesigners has the right to accept, reject, or remove any item at any point of time from its store without having a pre-approval from the Designer. The Designer will be notified accordingly.
  11. Freesigners provides space on his website for Designer to displays his items to be sold.

Profile Of The Designer

  1. The Designer agrees to display a professional profile under website which will be public and can be viewed by anyone.
  2. The Designer permits the customers and/or the leads to provide the Designer a rating and/or an opinion on the Designer profile page hosted under Freesigners.
  3. The Designer permits the customers and/or the leads to provide a rating of his products under the Freesigners’ website.
  4. The Designer allows Freesigners to use the digital aspect of the Designer profile (Name, brand, Pictures, descriptions, etc…) in their marketing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Press Releases, etc…).


  1. Once an item is sold, Freesigners will provide notify the Designer.
  2. The Designer must ensure that the products are in mint condition as displayed on the website and they are shipped according to the delivery order received Freesigners.
  3. Any ordered and/or purchased "made to measure" items or "customised" items are non-refundable.
  4. Returns are accepted and are liable on:
    1. Freesigners, if:
      1. The delivery order was wrongly processed by Freesigners.
    2. The Designer, if:
      1. The goods delivered differ from the delivery order
      2. The goods delivered differ from their sales description during the time of sale
      3. The goods delivered are damaged
    3. The Customer, if:
      1. The customer wants to return within the set period of Freesigners return policy

(For more details please check our return policy)

Payment Terms

  1. After the sales was processed and the items are delivered to the customer, and the return period has expired, then Freesigners settles the amount within 7 days through Bank Transfer.
  2. All payments or based on net amounts, which means that the net payment will take into consideration any deductions such as but not limited to:
    1. Return Expenses from same order or different orders
    2. Freesigners Commission expenses
    3. Freelance country taxes (if any)
    4. Any other due related to the Freesigners if applicable


Freesigners is not liable in case of any infringement of my copyright as a result of placing items online.

Freesigners is not responsible for any interaction, opinion, or rating made by its customers/leads or any other person/company.

Any amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall be communicated to the Designers.


Freesigners can block the profile of the Designer in case fraudulent activity is detected.

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